The Blacklist Season 4, Liz has unfinished business with Reddington

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Will Red's relationship to Liz be revealed in The Blacklist Season 4? With the introduction of Alexander Kirk, Reddington's hands may be forced. Warning: this article contains spoilers from The Blacklist Season 3 finale

The Blacklist Season 4 bosses have teased Liz's relationship with Alexander Kirk, but let's not forget that the bond between Liz and Red is the relationship that drives the show. No matter how desperate Liz's situation seems, they're inevitably going to reunite in Season 4, and fireworks are going to fly when they do. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Blacklist bosses Jon Bokenkamp and John Eisendrath revealed that Liz still very much wants to get the truth out of Reddington about who he is to her. Bokenkamp said: "Oh, that is still a big question to her. That’s still something that she will want answers to. She’s also resigned to the fact that there’s only so much that [Red] is going to tell her; he withholds information, he tells partial truths."

He continued: "He doesn’t really lie to her, but he’s also not always giving her all the information. For reasons that are very important to both of them, he is protective of that." Fans have used this logic before to argue that Reddington can't be Liz's father, however if he had an affair with Katarina but wasn't sure who Liz's father was, it makes sense that he would claim the husband is the father. Eisendrath added: "If you felt that the devil might be your biological father, you might be loathe to really know the truth. You might accidentally on purpose not ask the questions, because you really don’t want to know that. Now, as we go forward, she probably will be more inclined and more ready to face some of the truths that subconsciously she was unwilling to face in the first few years." If Red is Liz's real father, it would certainly explain why Red is so devastated by Liz's betrayal in The Blacklist Season 4. Are you looking forward to Lizzington's reunion?

Source: Entertainment Weekly