The Blacklist Season 4 premiere picks up moments after the finale

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The Blacklist Season 3 finale may have left us with many a cliffhanger, but all of them will be resolved fairly quickly according to creator Jon Bokenkamp as we jump straight into the action!

John Eisendrath has already teased the new Big Bad for The Blacklist Season 4, but the real question we've all been wondering is at what point The Blacklist Season 4 will resume from. Will it be months after that dramatic cliffhanger, or mere seconds? Responding to a fan question on his Twitter account, creator and executive producer Jon Bokenkamp has revealed that The Blacklist Season 4 premiere will pick up moments after the Season 3 finale. He said: "Yes. We pick up literally moments later. And it's CRAZY." It sounds like the writers are going to be tackling the huge elephant in the room head on, and will be exploring the relationship between Liz Keen and Alexander Kirk right off the bat. Jon Bokenkamp has previously said that Red is devastated by Liz's betrayal, so we'll be interested in seeing how that manifests itself in the Season 4 premiere.

So with the Season 4 premiere immediately following the end of Season 3, what can we expect to see in Episode 1? Well we'll find out Mr. Kaplan's fate after her shock betrayal, and Reddington and Dembe will likely be hot on the tail of Kirk. Liz's friends at the FBI will also likely be drawn into her manhunt, though we can't imagine they'll be too happy about their friend having lied to them. Tom doesn't know where Liz and Agnes are so he'll likely join forces with Red to find her, while Liz and Kirk will probably have a long and lengthy chat about who he really is to her. After all, even is he is her father, there's better ways to contact your own daughter and granddaughter than abducting them. Whatever happens, it's going to be an explosive opener. For further updates on The Blacklist Season 4, click the green subscribe button below. What do you expect will happen in the season opener?

Source: Twitter: @JonBokenkamp , @mollymorey