The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow are colliding for a huge crossover event!

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Time to suit up with The CW, as The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow will be coming together for an epic crossover later this year!

Ever since Supergirl Season 1 was announced we've been waiting for this moment, and now that Supergirl has moved over to The CW, our dreams are coming true as a mega DC TV crossover event is in the works. The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl are no strangers to crossovers as they've all overlapped with each other in some capacity, while Legends of Tomorrow is a crossover in the sense that it took characters from The Flash and Arrow to form its core team, but never has such a huge crossover been attempted before. It's happening now though, as IGN reports The CW head Mark Pedowitz confirmed that all four of the Greg Berlanti-produced DC series will crossover for an epic story. It's going to air in December, and it sounds like it'll be one hell of a spectacle.

So what can we expect from the crossover? We have some ideas, but spoiler warning for the Legends of Tomorrow season finale! At the end of Legends of Tomorrow's season finale, Rex Tyler (a.k.a. Hourman) appeared and confirmed the existence of the Justice Society of America. In the comics, said society is founded by Jay Garrick, and while Jay Garrick is either a person Hunter Zolomon impersonated or an identity he created, we think the real Jay Garrick is out there and will be showing up in The Flash sometime soon. His founding of the Justice Society of America will likely tie The Flash into the Justice Society of America, and Barry would likely involve Oliver Queen too. And with Zoom's destructive plan coming into play in The Flash Season 2 finale's extended trailer, could the multiverse collide, resulting in Supergirl ending up on Earth-1? We know that The Flash is building up towards Infinite Crisis after all! Are you excited for the mega crossover event?

Source: IGN / YouTube: @The CW Television Network