The Flash, could Barry and Supergirl ever become romantically involved?

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Barry Allen and Kara Danvers kicked ass together when The Flash took a trip over to Supergirl's National City to join Melissa Benoist, but could the superhero duo ever become a romantic item?

Barry's heart may be set on Iris and Kara Danvers may be dating Jimmy Olsen, but could Barry and Kara ever be a thing? Ever since The Flash first appeared on Supergirl earlier this year fans have been commenting on the chemistry Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin have together, and wondering whether the pair could ever be more than just good friends. In our mind, Barry and Iris are the OTP on The Flash so Barry and Kara could never work, but Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have given their thoughts in recent interviews. In an interview posted on the DC Entertainment channel Gustin was asked how great he thought it would be if the characters got together in The CW universe, and replied: "I think [Barry and Kara] would make a great couple." A very diplomatic response, but does Benoist agree?

Sorry Grant, but she does not! Benoist told DC All Access: "I don't know that they'd ever get together; I think they're too similar. I think they'd like pig out on.. I think they're pals, pigging out on ice cream." We'd happily watch that scene. While a romantic relationship between the pair is unlikely to happen in the universe that we know, with Carlos Valdes teasing that The Flashpoint Paradox could be happening in The Flash Season 3, could some weird universe exist where Barry is in a long distance relationship with Kara Danvers? While the long term goal is Barry-Iris, it could be fun to play around with a Barry-Kara romance in the aftermath of Flashpoint. And if you're worried about Barry going to a darker place when Flashpoint occurs then have no fear, as Grant Gustin has said that Barry Allen will stay positive in The Flash Season 3. Barry and Kara - do you ship it?

Source: DC All Access / YouTube: @DC Entertainment