The Flash's Candice Patton: "Iris supports Barry no matter what" (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Flash Season 3 might not have hit our screens yet, but we sat down with Candice Patton for an exclusive interview where she discussed her favourite episode, what to expect next season and whether she agreed with Barry's decision to change the timeline!

We're all very excited about Season 3 now that Grant Gustin has revealed The Flash Season 3 premiere is titled "Flashpoint", so when we caught up with Candice Patton for an interview, we jumped at the chance to chat with her about it! When asked how the events of the season finale would take affect, Patton said: "I don't know! We haven't started shooting, we haven't seen a script, so I'm just as curious as everyone who was left with that cliffhanger. You know, Barry's obviously gone back in time to save his mom and we know about time travel, that when you do that, things shift and change, so it'll be interesting to see how his relationships with everyone has shifted, if and when he decides to come back to the timeline we all know and love." That's not all she had to say though, so check out the video interview below!

While the Internet has jokingly criticized Barry for choosing to go back in time to rescue his mom, thus messing up everything, Patton said that she completely understood Barry's decision. When asked whether she stood alongside Barry for that decision, she said: "Yeah I think I do, I mean, he watched his father get murdered right in front of him by the villain he's been chasing all season, his mother was viciously murdered by another speedster, his dad's doppelganger shows up from Earth-2 so he's going through a lot."

Patton went on to say: "I think Barry made the best decision he could make in that moment of feeling so emotionally raw. The great thing about Iris is she supports Barry no matter what. She says in that last scene with him, whatever you have to do, wherever you have to go, do it, I'll be here. I'll wait for you." That's not all she said so be sure to watch the full interview above, and for regular updates on The Flash Season 3, click the green subscribe button below! And if you haven't seen it already, check out our exclusive interview with The Flash's Danielle Panabaker! Are you excited to see where Iris and Barry's dynamic goes next season?

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