The Flash's Grant Gustin reveals that the Season 3 premiere is titled "Flashpoint"

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We're all eagerly awaiting The Flash Season 3, and it looks like Grant Gustin is too since he's already revealed the premiere episode's title, which is Flashpoint!

If you haven't watched Season 2's finale, then be wary, there will be SPOILERS in this article. OK, so when Barry went back in time to save his mother from Reverse-Flash, he set in motion a whole load of events which will seriously damage the timeline as we know it. He basically put everything back to zero, so in effect we're right back to where we started. Flashpoint in one of The Flash's most popular comic series in which Barry wakes up to find that he has lost his powers and the timeline has been drastically altered. Oh yeah, and Thomas Wayne is a murderous Batman and there's no Superman in this new paradoxical universe. Carlos Valdes already teased that Flashpoint could happen in Season 3. Turns out he was telling the truth. Grant Gustin confirmed via Twitter that Season 3's premiere will be titled Flashpoint. Check out his tweet below.

It'll be interesting to see how they adapt this comic book series on the show. Firstly, Batman's heavily involved in the Flashpoint comics. Thomas Wayne's Batman becomes one of The Flash's closest allies and helps him to restore the timeline. We're not entirely sure whether DC Comics will allow The CW to use one of their most valuable assets in the show, they'll probably have to find another way to adapt the comics. Harrison Wells for instance could fill in for Batman as Barry's closest ally. Reverse-Flash is an integral part of the story too, so they're OK on that front. It'll be interesting to find out which Flash characters will be making a comeback in Season 3. We can't wait to see what they do on the show. Flashpoint is a very complicated, yet intriguing story, and if done properly, it could lead to The Flash Season 3 being one of the best seasons of the show yet. Are you looking forward to seeing The Flash adapt Flashpoint?

Source: Twitter: @grantgust