The Flash Season 3: Candice Patton describes what makes Barry different from other superheroes (EXCLUSIVE)

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Candice Patton is back again speaking about The Flash Season 3 in another interview with melty, and this time we're talking about what keeps Barry unique and makes him different to other superheroes.

In our last interview with The Flash's Candice Patton, the actress said that Iris will support Barry in his actions no matter what, but fortunately for us that wasn't the only time we got to sit down with The Flash star for a little chat. In another interview with melty, Patton spoke about what makes The Flash different from other superheroes right now, and she said: "I think what makes Flash different than any other superhero is his lightness, his optimism, his hope. He's just a fun, light-hearted superhero which is different than any other kind of superhero that we're seeing on television and even film, so I think people really resonate with that. Also, the comment I get most from fans is, "I can watch this with my kids," it's a family show, it's something that brings people together." Check out the full video interview below!

So what were Patton's favorite episodes of The Flash this past season? Only the fan-favorite Earth-2 episodes of course! On portraying Earth-2 Iris, she said: "It was probably my favorite episodes to shoot this season. It was just everything from the hair to the makeup to the pants to the character to interacting with other versions of characters we've known. It was a really special two episodes, they were my favorite by far." She did a great job of giving us a different Iris in Earth-2, and we really hope we revisit the character again in Season 3.

And how can we expect Iris to feel about Barry turning down her offer of a romantic relationship in the Season 2 finale? Does she feel betrayed? Patton said: "No, I don't think so. He just watched his father viciously murdered in front of him, his dad's doppelganger shows up as another Flash so he's dealing with a lot. I think if anything, Iris would understand everything that he's going through. Iris has always been a huge supporter of Barry's since day one Season 1, so I think she would understand his need to do what he'd need to do. And she even says in that last scene, whatever you need to do, wherever you need to go, go do it. I'll be here when you get back." For regular updates on The Flash click the green subscribe button below. And if you haven't heard, Tom Felton has joined The Flash Season 3 cast as a series regular! What do you love most about The Flash?

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