The Flash Season 3, check out Wally West in Kid Flash's new costume

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It's the moment we've all been waiting for - Wally West has become Kid Flash! Check out photos of Keiynan Lonsdale in his new speedster suit below!

Well that's one way to build hype for The Flash Season 3! Not only have The CW revealed that Keiynan Lonsdale will be playing Kid Flash in the Season 3 premiere, they've also shared two incredible photos of Lonsdale in the iconic costume! Literally nobody saw it coming, but it's such a great feeling seeing Wally West in that costume. You can check out the two photos courtesy of The CW below. So how comes Wally West is now Kid Flash? Is it a permanent thing in Season 3 because of the speedforce energy that hit him and Jesse? It seems unlikely. The stills below were released from the The Flash Season 3 premiere, which Grant Gustin has revealed is titled "Flashpoint", so it's entirely possible that only this alternate timeline Wally West is Kid Flash.

While we'd love to see Wally West as Kid Flash all season, it'd understandably make it difficult for the writers to come up with villains that can hold off two speedsters. And besides, if they want to give us Kid Flash in Episode 1, then we're not going to complain! So if Wally West is Kid Flash in the season premiere, will Jesse Quick also get the speedster powers she's destined for? Jesse Quick has been confirmed as returning in The Flash Season 3, though we think its unlikely that we'll see her get her powers just yet, as it will detract from the Kid Flash reveal. And if Kid Flash is in this new timeline, could Zoom and Reverse-Flash be back too? And in related news, with a vacancy open for primary antagonist next season, will Tom Felton's character be Barry's ally or foe in The Flash Season 3? What do you think of the Kid Flash suit?

Source: The CW