The Flash Season 3: Comic-Con trailer reveals first look at Flashpoint!

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A new trailer has been released for The Flash Season 3, and it's looking kickass! Check out the new Flashpoint world Barry has created in the trailer below!

Recently a new demonic speedster was spotted on the set of The Flash Season 3, and it teased some very exciting times going forward. Even more exciting was that a picture of Wally West as Kid Flash was also released by The CW, and as if the series hadn't built up enough hype already, The Flash Season 3 trailer was revealed at Comic-Con and it's caused the Internet to explode! The trailer explores the ramifications of Barry's decision to change the timeline and save his own mother, and it features a lot of familiar faces in ways that we've never seen them before. While Tom Felton is a series regular in The Flash Season 3 though, he doesn't appear in the trailer, so we'll have to wait a bit longer to see just how he fits into the group's dynamic. Check out the Comic-Con trailer below!

Perhaps the most surprising impact of the Flashpoint Paradox that's teased in the trailer, is that Barry and Iris don't even know each other well. In the original timeline, Barry and Iris went to school together and Captain Joe West decided to take him in after Nora was killed and Henry was sent to jail for her murder, but now they barely know each other. To our delight Matt Letscher is also returning as Eobard Thawne, and with his warnings that the world Barry is living in is just a mirage, could we see Barry and Thawne team up to restore the timeline to its rightful state? Grodd, Zoom, Captain Cold and Jay Garrick also feature briefly in the trailer, so we'd be surprised if we didn't see them in some capacity. Most intriguing though, is the masked figure that appears at 1.20. Is this the new Big Bad for Season 3? Just who is the new man in the metal mask?

Source: YouTube: @The CW Television Network