The Flash Season 3: Draco Malfoy himself, Tom Felton, has joined the cast as a series regular

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In a surprise casting announcement that nobody saw coming, Harry Potter star Tom Felton has joined the cast of The Flash Season 3! Read on for all the details.

Grant Gustin's reveal that The Flash Season 3 premiere is titled "Flashpoint" felt like the greatest thing that could happen to Season 3, but here's a curveball we never saw coming! As first reported by TVLine, Harry Potter alum Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy in the films, is joining the cast of The Flash Season 3. And not just in a guest role but as a series regular, which means he'll be showing his face week in, week out! So who is he playing, a friend or foe to Barry Allen? Reportedly Felton will portray Julian Dorn, a CSI colleague of Barry's at the Central City Police Department, and someone who suspects that Barry is hiding a dark secret behind his good guy reputation. Earlier this year, we reported that a new recurring character in The Flash Season 3 will be trying to find out Barry's secrets, and it sounds like Draco is our guy.

So what is it that will lead Tom Felton's character to think that Barry is hiding the secret of The Flash? Is he just super intuitive, or has someone leaked him some documents suggesting that all is not as it seems with Barry? It's been teased that The Flash Season 3 Big Bad won't be a metahuman after all, so could this Big Bad be trying to turn Julian Dorn and the rest of the CCPD against Barry? Or alternatively, could Tom Felton be playing the Big Bad? He's certainly used to playing a villainous role, but it'd be nice to see him play something other than an out and out villain in The Flash. Whatever way you slice it though, his father will certainly hear about this. For regular updates and features on The Flash Season 3, click the green subscribe button below. Are you as excited as we are by this casting announcement?

Source: TVLine