The Flash Season 3, has the Reverse-Flash been spotted on set?

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New set photos from The Flash Season 3 have revealed that the Reverse-Flash may be making a return in the season premiere, but with a very different new look!

Thanks to the Flashpoint adaptation at the end of the last season's finale, there's going to be a lot more speedsters in town in the Season 3 premiere. The CW have already released an image from The Flash Season 3 premiere of Wally West as Kid Flash, but as well as that, some eagle-eyed fans observing filming in Vancouver has noticed there's another speedster in town, and he looks like he means trouble. He wears an identical costume to John Wesley Shipp's Jay Garrick, but rather than a red suit, he sports a black suit that's reminiscent of Zoom's. A mask covers his face, and he has a lightning bolt sticking out on either side of his mask. Check out the photo, courtesy of the dc_marvel_fans Instagram below!

Wait... What is this? #DCMarvelFans I saw this on Twitter... Wally West and... Daniel West?

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So who is this mysterious speedster? Some are claiming that he's Black Flash, but Teddy Sears' Black Flash had a different aesthetic, one that's unlikely to change as he now works with the Reapers and the speedforce. While Flashpoint will undoubtedly change many things, we don't think it will change the way Black Flash looks. Alternatively, this could be the Prime Earth version of Reverse-Flash, which would make a lot of sense as their suits look very similar.

In Prime Earth, the Reverse-Flash is Iris' estranged brother Daniel West. His mother died in childbirth and his father was an abusive alcoholic so he murdered him, and this turns him into something evil. But if this is where they go with it, does that mean they'll kill off Joe West? Of course, it is possible that someone completely different will play Reverse Flash, which begs the question, will Tom Felton's character in The Flash Season 3 be friend or foe? Either way, we don't think this new speedster is the good guy! Who do you think the black speedster is?

Source: Instagram: @dc_marvel_fans