The Flash: Tom Cavanagh is returning in Season 3 as a series regular

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He may have seemingly parted ways with the team in Episode 23, but Tom Cavanagh will be back as a series regular in The Flash Season 3! (Spoiler warning for The Flash Season 2 finale)

At the end of The Flash Season 2 finale, Barry and the team managed to defeat Zoom, and Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells returned to Earth-2 with his daughter as their work was done. However, Cavanagh isn't finished with The Flash quite yet, and Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Tom Cavanagh will be returning in The Flash Season 3 as a series regular. But what version of Wells will he be playing? With Barry going back in time to save his mother in the closing moments of the finale, there's a lot of speculation that The Flash Season 3 will adapt the Flashpoint arc from the comics. In Flashpoint Barry screws up the timeline majorly and we'd imagine that the series will follow suit, but importantly, as Barry saved his mother Nora from the Reverse-Flash, it also means that the Earth-1 Harrison Wells never died.

This is likely to have game-changing ramifications on Barry's world as Thawne hasn't been manipulating him to get faster. But as a result of that, will Barry be fast enough to stop Zoom? For all Thawne's flaws, he did help Barry in a way after all! If Earth-1 Harrison Wells is alive now then, it will mean that Tom Cavanagh will be playing a brand new version of Harrison Wells. Well, sort of, as he's played him a little bit before. It's going to be an interesting change, as from what we saw of the real Harrison Wells in The Flash Season 1, he seemed like quite a happy and positive guy, and we're curious to see how that character develops over the course of the season and whether Earth-1 Harry meets his Earth-2 counterpart. Either way, Tom Cavanagh is an incredibly talented actor, and we're very happy to have him back. Are you glad Tom Cavanagh is returning?

Source: Entertainment Weekly / YouTube: @The CW Television Network