The Flash, will Season 3 adapt the Flashpoint Paradox?

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Spoiler warning for The Flash Season 2 finale and speculation on Season 3 to follow. As a result of Barry's actions in Episode 23, will Season 3 of The Flash adapt Flashpoint?

The Flash Season 2 finale has come and gone (read our review!), and whether you were a fan of Zoom's send off or not, everyone agrees that "The Race of His Life" put things in a very interesting position for Season 3. At the end of Episode 23, Barry decided to hell with the timeline and raced back in time to save his mother Nora from the Reverse-Flash and succeeded, but what ramifications will this have for the future? (SPOILER WARNING FOR THE COMICS!) In the source material, this very action is what causes The Flashpoint Paradox. Because he saved his mother Barry wakes up with no powers, the Justice League doesn't exist, and Captain Cold is a hero in Central City. While the latter wouldn't be entirely surprising considering the events of Legends of Tomorrow, we're very curious as to how much the show would imitate Flashpoint.

Naturally, it's likely to be a loose adaptation rather than a carbon copy for several reasons. Firstly, what it feels like for Barry to lose his powers has already be explored multiple times, and to do this again would feel like retreading old ground. Secondly, Nora Allen didn't actually die in the original timeline of the show, because it's said that Barry would always become The Flash, but by killing Nora Allen Eobard Thawne sped up the process by ten or so years. And thirdly, after the huge plot twist surrounding Jay Garrick in Season 2, we'd imagine that the producers of The Flash would want us to keep guessing for Season 3. Grant Gustin has said Barry Allen will stay positive in The Flash Season 3, so while we might see Flashpoint play out, the consequences can't be that tragic. Would you like to see an adaptation of Flashpoint?

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