The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 2 review, France is held hostage

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D'Artagnan, Aramis, Athos and Porthos work to save an entire community of refugees from the noose in The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 2. Check out our review of "The Hunger" below!

This week's episode of The Musketeers was another solid offering, although we're a little disappointed about the restoration of the status quo again. When Season 3 premiered a couple of weeks ago, it looked like we might get a new dynamic musketeers with our intrepid heroes fighting the good fight on the front lines for France, yet unfortunately rather than continue that theme, by the end of the season premiere everything was back to the way it had been the past two seasons. Now this technically isn't a bad thing because we still love the villain-of-the-week musketeers; the stories are interesting and the core cast has great chemistry, but this season so far feels like a bit of a missed opportunity to do something new.

Take the primary antagonists of Season 3 - while both Theron and Grimaud are entertaining characters, it all feels a bit deja-vu. While Theron has his differences from Cardinal Richlieu and Rochefort, he's still a corrupt man that tries to manipulate the King, and will likely at some point attempt to have him killed so he can manipulate his son and put himself in a stronger political position. We understand why its easier to have an internal enemy so the series can remain set in Paris rather than an external one, it would be a refreshing change if for once the big bad wasn't the traitor within the gates. That being said, because Season 3 remains in Paris we do get to see more of Hugo Speer as Treville which is always a treat, and we're curious to see how the relationship between Porthos and Grimaud develops after the former ruined the plans of the latter.

Criticisms about the missed opportunity for The Musketeers to reinvent itself aside, "The Hunger" was a great episode with a story that really resonated. We're all too familiar with the blame-culture towards immigrants that's perpetuated in society, and that's touched upon here as Theron and Grimaud strike a deal with Paris' food supplier to frame the refugees in Saint-Antoine for the disappearance of the food, and hold the city ransom so that they get compensated by the King. An extra moral dilemma was thrown the Musketeers' way as they discovered that the immigrants were anti-royalists, so who were they to protect members of society who wanted to commit treason?

Hubert's conversation with D'Artagnan in the cells about the two of them being more similar than D'Artagnan would like to think because they both fight against what they perceive to be injustice was a particular highlight. While it could just be a nice little moment from the episode, we'd love to see this have an impact on D'Artagnan's development throughout this final season, and have him question whether he really is fighting the right fight. We saw him question it a bit when he arrived in Paris only to see that it had fallen into chaos thanks to Theron and the Redguard, so we'd be very excited to see D'Artagnan question his loyalties and beliefs in the next eight episodes. After all, if Louis is stupid enough to appoint the obviously corrupt Theron to a magisterial position just because they're related, should that really be a person D'Artagnan supports?

Without a shadow of a doubt though, our favorite part of the episode was Aramis and Porthos' good cop-bad cop routine to uncover where the grain from the market came from. It was nice to see the former best friends back on good terms again after their chilly reunion in Episode 1, and the role-reversal in which Porthos played the calm and diplomatic musketeer while Aramis played the violent musketeer who was on edge was absolutely hilarious. For all our criticisms of the season thus far, The Musketeers remains a highly enjoyable romp. If you're a fan of The Three Musketeers or swashbuckling dramas, this is a show that you can't miss. For regular updates on The Musketeers, click the green subscribe button below. What did you think of the episode?

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