The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 3 review, is the monarchy worth defending?

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D'Artagnan, Aramis and Porthos face a difficult decision, as they must choose to fight for the King or fight for what's right. Read our review of The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 3 below!

The trailer for The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 3 teased a revolution was about to begin, and that's just what we got, of sorts. It was another strong offering this week from The Musketeers, as our four central heroes are forced to fight for the very thing they stand against. The episode opened with the King's brother Gaston murdering three war veterans, but rather than persecute Gaston for breaking the law and killing innocent men, the Musketeers are ordered to defend him. Last week in The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 2, D'Artagnan found himself contemplating whether he really was doing the right thing fighting for the King, and it's great to see that this wasn't a throwaway thing and the four Musketeers continually question whether they're fighting for justice throughout the episode.

Louis has always been a bit quirky, but he's been particularly manic and unreasonable of late, and we finally know why - he has the white plague, also known as tuberculosis. While we live in a time where fortunately there's vaccinations against TB and ways to treat it, there was no cure for the white plague at the time, and the King only has a matter of months left. While Louis has previously been seen as delusional in obsessing over his son while leaving Paris in chaos, this revelation certainly lets us look at the King in a less harsh light, as he chooses to spend his last days with his son because he himself never remembered his own father and it tortured him.

Ryan Gage was truly outstanding as Louis this episode, and his confession to Treville shows that while they often disagree on policy, the Minister of War really is his closest friend. While Louis wasn't overly concerned about Porthos' capture, he was willing to do nearly anything to save Treville. However, with Theron secretly lurking in the background as Louis confided in Treville, could Theron leak the information to discredit Treville? Louis told Treville that if he told anyone he'd have him hanged, and such a set-up sounds perfect for a season finale, especially as the Musketeers appear to be fighting against the King's authority more and more.

It was great to see Aramis and Anne reunite, but unfortunately their reunion was far too short to really stand out in an episode of great moments. The Redguard's intrusion at the funeral was a new low for the faction, while the Musketeers' temporary alliance with the war veterans to fight off Theron's men was a real fist pump moment. The action choreographer did a terrific job with the sword combat this week (although to be honest, when is it ever not good?), and if this is the standard we get only three episodes in, we're incredibly excited to see what the choreographers pull off in the series finale.

While the fight was thrilling to watch, the death scene that followed said fighting is particularly noteworthy for discussion. In the scene, the war veteran Leopold comforts his dying wife, where she tells him that she was always worried that she would be the one left alone in the world after he had died. These comments echo a similar sentiment from Constance in her conversation with Anne, where she says that while she loves D'Artagnan, she doesn't want to be a Musketeer's widow. So could this mirror be foreshadowing Constance's death? In the books (SPOILER WARNING FOR THE FIRST BOOK IN THE TRILOGY 'THE THREE MUSKETEERS'), Constance is fatally poisoned by Milady, and while Milady hasn't appeared in this season thus far, we wouldn't be surprised to see the character meet a similar fate. Whatever happens, the writers are pushing The Musketeers in an exciting new direction if they continue their current trajectory, and we can't wait to see how the story ends. What did you think of the episode?

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