The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 4 preview, Bonnaire is back!

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In the latest preview for The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 4, a familiar face has arrived in Paris, and Porthos is not too pleased. Bonnaire is back, baby! Check out the teaser clip below!

Recent episodes of The Musketeers have been dealing with some pretty hefty subject matter. The latest episode depicted the injustice France's war veterans faced after the murders of some of their number by the King's brother Gaston, while in The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 2 France was held hostage when Grimaud hid the grain and blamed its theft on the refugees. While we don't have a trailer for The Musketeers this week, we do have a new preview, which suggests that Episode 4 will be a more lighthearted venture than the past few ventures. Bonnaire, the slaver-turned-conman is back from the dead, and it's safe to say that Porthos isn't too happy to see him. Check out the preview for the next episode of The Musketeers below!

While we can't say we agree with Bonnaire's morals, he's a hilarious character and we're very pleased to see him return. The chase in the preview clip is a bit of a cheesy game of cat-and-mouse, but we love it all the same. So why is Bonnaire back? He's only going to be causing trouble, no doubt. The last time we saw Bonnaire was back in Season 1: Episode 3, where Porthos held a particular grudge against him because the commodity he traded in was slaves. Porthos had been a slave at one point which is why he felt so strongly about the issue, and we're curious to see how his dynamic with Bonnaire develops in this episode. For regular updates on The Musketeers, click the green subscribe button below. And if you haven't already, check out our review of The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 3! Are you excited for Bonnaire's return?

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