The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 4 review, meet the Fifth Musketeer!

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Emile Bonnaire returns in The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 4 with a bang, and joins Athos and friends on a wild goose chase as an honorary fifth musketeer. Check out our review for the episode below!

Let's get it said right off the bat, Bonnaire's return was rollicking good fun, and we really wish he could stay for the whole shabang. A despicable, morally depraved ex-slaver he may be, but he's one that we can't help but want more of. James Callis brought such incredible charisma to the role, and helped inject some lightheartedness back into the show after the past few episodes, which have been notably darker. Emile's rousing call for an 'All for one!' chant from the other four musketeers at the end of the episode had us in hysterics. While a musketeer Bonnaire ain't, he's the closest thing to a Fifth Musketeer that we're ever going to get, and it's a shame that this will (likely) be the last time we see him this season.

The Musketeers also revisited one of this season's ongoing themes, as once again Athos is reprimanded by Sylvie for not fighting for justice. While the poor and the refugees are left on the street neglected and ignored, Louis has D'Artagnan, Porthos, Athos and Aramis on a wild goose chase to help track down the crown jewels that were stolen from his sister. While we're loving the moral conflict Athos is facing, something tells us that Athos' latest relationship will be a doomed romance, which is a shame, because it's always great to see a female character on The Musketeers that's more than a love interest.

Athos isn't the only one with relationship troubles though, as Aramis reconnects with Pauline, a face from his past. And there was even a surprise appearance from Paul McGann! Unfortunately McGann didn't get to show off his talents as he didn't really have much to do in his subplot, but Pauline was fortunately less short-changed. Aramis was left truly heartbroken when Pauline decided to murder her blackmailer in cold blood rather than just follow his advice, and it was tragic watching the realization dawn on his face that his childhood friend was now a murderer he had to bring to justice. Pauline and her husband were nicely integrated into the main storyline as the last of the crown jewels ended up at McGann's residence, however, the confrontation to retrieve the gem felt rather lackluster. Not because it needed a dramatic showdown, but because it felt unrealistic that Aramis would stand against his brothers in arms over a stolen gem that they were sent to retrieve.

Ryan Gage's King Louis was also uncharacteristically wise in The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 4, as King Louis counselled against executing Bonnaire in favor of using the money that he had to help fund the royalists in the English Civil War. It wasn't too notable because Louis does predictably unpredictable things all the time, but considering his recent dilemma with the White Plague, one would expect him to be less in touch with reality than he actually is right now. Either way, while Episode 4 wasn't the best episode we've seen this season, it was certainly the most fun, and looks to allude to the calm before the storm as Theron moves his pieces into play to take over the monarchy upon the King's death. Will he kill the monarch's son and put Gaston on the throne? We'll find out very soon! For regular updates on The Musketeers click the green subscribe button below, and if you haven't already, check out our review of The Musketeers Season 3: Episode 3. What did you think of the episode?

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