The Vampire Diaries: Candice King doesn't think Klaroline will ever work out

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Sorry Klaroline fans! We still had a bit of hope that things could work out between Caroline and Klaus in the distant future, that is until The Vampire Diaries star Candice King totally shot down the idea of the two getting together

It's been a while since Candice King's Caroline and Joseph Morgan's Klaus shared any screen time on The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, but that hasn't stopped Klaroline shippers from rooting for the couple to be together. Following TVD's three-year time jump, viewers saw Caroline take her daughters to New Orleans in search of Klaus, most likely to seek help in dealing with Rayna. However, Klaus was no where to be found and it seems that Caroline returned to Dallas without seeing her old flame.

Season 7 of TVD ended with Caroline and Stefan finally reconciling and getting back together! They went through an extremely rough patch when Stefan ghosted Caroline for three years (for her and her family's own good!) and got together with Valerie during that time. But now Stefan and Caroline are finally back together and as much as we enjoyed watching Klaus and Caroline's relationship, we are so excited to see Steroline back in action. Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan, has teased that Season 8 will be dark and twisted, but we're hoping this doesn't affect Steroline's bliss (although seeing how we're talking about TVD it probably will!).

TVD star Candice King caught up with TVLine and revealed that she hopes for some normalcy between her character and Stefan, sharing that she would love to see them go on a proper date in Season 8. King also thinks it will be difficult for Caroline to leave behind the twins and her life as a mother, so viewers will probably see Caroline struggle with that next season. Although Alaric proclaimed that even if they're not together romantically, he, Caroline and the twins will always be a family. So sweet!

Of course, the topic of Klaroline was also brought up, and King dashed fans hopes by saying: "I think it's just gonna be more interesting for them to never be in the same room, just hinted at. Because it would never work, ever!" The actress did address that the Klaroline ship is still going strong, but it seems like she's more invested in her character's relationship with Stefan. Season 8 will see Caroline and Stefan work with Bonnie to help save Damon and Enzo from whatever it was they were possessed by in The Armory vault. TVD showrunner Julie Plec has teased the new Big Bad, but it looks like we'll have to wait until the premiere to find out more. Are you on team Steroline or team Klaroline?

Source: YouTube: @TVLine