The Vampire Diaries writer teases the vault villain and what's in store for the characters in Season 8

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We're months away from the return of The Vampire Diaries to our screens, but that hasn't stopped us from wondering what's to come for our favorite vampires in Season 8. Find out what writer Brian Young revealed about the characters below.

Damon and Enzo were determined to save Bonnie's life in the back half of The Vampire Diaries Season 7, but now the tables have turned and they're the ones who need saving. After entering The Armory vault both Damon and Enzo disappeared for months before the gang even realized that they were gone. Speaking about the mysterious monster who lured Damon into the vault, TVD writer Brian Young told TV Guide: "We've never really seen a CGI creature in The Vampire Diaries before. We've done a lot of iterations of a lot of different kinds of villains, so we wanted to do something a little different and see how it plays out." It seems like the Season 7 finale introduced a creature who's a monster in the literal sense of the word, instead of a new character who has monster-like personality traits. So far, the only thing we know about this vault villain is that it can get inside people's minds and make them hear voices, but with just that knowledge alone we think it's safe to say that it will be a major contributor to the Season 8 storyline.

As for Enzo and Damon's turn to the dark side, Young explained: "What we really wanted to do was give Damon a chance to act on Bad Damon again, but do it in a way that we can always forgive him for. Season 8 is going to be rough for Damon and Enzo because bad s*it is going on. But Stefan, always believing the best in his brother, believes Damon is still in there." We can always count on Stefan to see the best in people! Poor Bonnie lost her magic and the two people closest to her in the Season 7 finale. Young shared: "That's going to be a big thing for Bonnie next year: How does she deal with this new chapter of her life? She's lost the two people she cares about the most and it's going to be tough. But Bonnie is strong and so her rallying an finding the strength and really pushing forward with it is going to be a delight to watch."

And don't forget about Matt! "Matt's going to take some time," Young revealed. "It was rough for him. He's the only human character left. And as the show becomes more supernatural, the journey we wanted to tell with him was his feeling like he doesn't necessarily belong anymore. If and when he comes back in Season 8 - he'll be back eventually in Season 8 - we'll have to see what form that takes and what journey he's gone on and how that's changed him." Containment's Kristen Gutoskie has joined the cast of The Vampire Diaries, and her character Seline is said to be bonded with a new 'family'. Might this mysterious 'family' include Matt? The Vampire Diaries is coming to San Diego Comic-Con later this month and we can't find to find out more about Season 8. Are you excited for the upcoming season?

Source: TV Guide