The Vampire Diaries writers were rooting for Steroline to reunite

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After three years of separation, Caroline and Stefan finally reunited in The Vampire Diaries Season 7 finale, and Steroline fans couldn't be happier. It turns out the writers also wanted the couple to end up together, they just had to put them through the wringer first

Stefan and Caroline had a lot of curveballs thrown their way in Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries, but we were overjoyed to see them get back together in the finale. It seems like TVD writers were also rooting for Steroline, despite all the drama the pair had to endure. TVD writer, Brian Young, spoke with TV Guide about Stefan and Caroline's reunion in the finale, saying: "We had a lot of discussions in the writers' room about where Stefan and Caroline end up, and we thought there was a really tragic and sweet symmetry in, 'Stefan is with Valerie and Caroline is with Alaric.' And both Valerie and Alaric, over the course of their relationship with these two people, realize that they may love us, but we are not their true love."

Young continued: "And at the end of the day, at least for now, [Stefan and Caroline] really are meant for each other, even though Caroline has built this life and built this family with Alaric. He's not her true love right now." We know that a lot of fans are still rooting for Klaus and Caroline to end up together, however it seems like Steroline is end game. Candice King also shared that she doesn't think Klaroline will ever work out.

Steroline may have gotten a happy ending, but it looks like they'll be more focused on helping Bonnie save Damon and Enzo instead of going on dates and living a normal life. Young explained: "We always try to find a little bit [of happiness]. The thing that was so exciting and so Vampire Diaries [about the finale] is that at the end everyone gets exactly what they want. Everyone gets their happy ending. And then we wait and we take it all away five minutes later. I feel that's sort of the Vampire Diaries way. We give glimpses and moments of happiness, because that's sort of what life is, and then it's surrounded by tragedy, because that's what television is." TVD actress Candice King has recently spoke about what's in store for Season 8 and teased that Caroline, Bonnie and Stefan certainly have their work cut out for them to save Damon and Enzo, but luckily Alaric will be around to help them. Are you happy to see Stefan and Caroline back together?

Source: TV Guide

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  • No steoline is the worst pairing that TVD has done they turned a really nice friendship into this horrible forced pairing that hasn't worked for most fans wether caroline ends up with klaus or not stefan is not a good pairing for her and they should end it steoline is one of the reasons i couldn't watch this season. I do like how they keep saying for now which means they are not end game