The Walking Dead: Negan to take Carl under his wing in Season 7?

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Could Carl turn to the dark side in The Walking Dead Season 7 and find himself mentored by Negan? It's something we'd both hate and love to see! Warning: the following article contains spoilers for the comics and speculation for the next season of the AMC drama.

Where next for Negan and Rick's crew in The Walking Dead Season 7? That's the big question everybody's asking right now, aside from that other small one about who Negan killed or something. A new issue of The Walking Dead comics has revealed Negan's troubled past, but there's also something else the comics may have unveiled about Negan and Carl's relationship going forward in The Walking Dead Season 7. The AMC drama is pretty liberal with what it faithfully adapts and what it changes so we can't say for sure, but in the comics (SPOILER WARNING! Turn away now if you don't want any potential spoilers for Season 7), Carl impresses Negan and the latter attempts to take the young boy under his wing and counsels him about his eye. It's such a great plotline that we'd be surprised if the show didn't adapt it!

So what happens? Shortly after Negan's debut, the Saviors make their first attack on Alexandria to show how powerful they are, and when they return to their facility Carl is able to sneak aboard a vehicle and stowaway until they get inside. Once at the Saviors' facility, Carl ambushes the Saviors and kills several of them with a machine gun. Carl is subdued, but rather than make an example of him, Negan shows a more human side of himself and chooses to let him live. That Carl is sent back to Rick alive sends him an interesting message, but even more interesting is this relationship explored between Carl and Negan. Could it be built upon in the show, and could Negan help mentor Carl into the killer and fighter he once wanted to be? For regular updates on The Walking Dead, click the green subscribe button below. And if you haven't heard, The Walking Dead Season 7 will introduce two new non-comic book characters. Would you like to see Negan mentor Carl?

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