The Walking Dead Season 7 filming updates lead to fears that Maggie could be Negan's victim

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The Walking Dead Season 6 introduced us to the merciless Negan, who bludgeoned one survivor to death. After much speculation as to who his victim could be, new evidence suggests that it might be Maggie...

The Walking Dead Season 6 saw Maggie and Glenn find some peace in Alexandria, with Maggie even confirming her pregnancy in Episode 5. However, her condition took an unfortunate turn for the worse, which caused the majority of the survivors to make their way to the Hilltop Colony, and its vast medicine supply, in the season finale, only to be forced into a trap by Negan's Saviors. As Negan had all eleven members of Rick's group lined up, he eventually decided to bludgeon one of them to death. This cliffhanger left fans in a state of distress, however The Walking Dead producer Scott Gimple has promised a Season 7 premiere that justifies the finale.

Since that fateful episode fans have been coming up with a multitude of theories as to who Negan's victim could be. The names which appear the most in these conversation seem to be either Glenn, as it is his character who tragically becomes Negan's victim in Robert Kirkman's original comic books. Or, it could be Abraham, since it seems as though the writers made a point of creating a hopeful storyline between him and Sasha, so that his death would be more moving to the fans. Although, the filming schedule for Season 7 might just answer our questions for us, revealing that the victim could in fact be Maggie.

According to Spoil The Dead, Lauren Cohen, who plays Maggie, has only been spotted once since filming of Season 7 began, and that was for the premiere episode. This info has made us re-examine Season 6: Episode 16, and Negan's words to Maggie when he saw her shivering and pale under the spotlights. As he walked up to her, Negan said: "Jesus. You look shitty. I should just put you out of your misery right now." Glenn's reaction to Negan's statement was to cry out in protest, which has made some of us question whether Maggie's condition and Glenn's screams may have been the deciding factor in Negan's sadistic game.

Other sources for theories of Maggie's death are from off-screen, as Cohen's social media pages have been relatively lighthearted. The actress has posted pictures, citing locations which are nowhere near the shoot itself. She could of course be throwing us off the scent, but we're still skeptical. The Walking Dead creators even filmed eleven death scenes for Negan's potential victims, so that the Season 7 premiere wouldn't be spoiled by eager onlookers. Do you think that Maggie could be Negan's victim?

Source: Spoil The Dead