The Walking Dead Season 7, four characters have been promoted to series regulars

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The Walking Dead Season 6 introduced us to a number of new characters, and now it seems that they've been welcomed onto the show as steady regulars, whether they'll stay in one piece however, remains to be seen.

The Walking Dead Season 6 finale saw the survivors meeting new characters from the Hilltop Colony and Negan's band of followers called the Saviors. Although the people encountered were both kind and monstrous (mainly the latter), in each group, a few characters stood out, and we better get used to seeing them more often as they have been promoted to series regulars for the upcoming Season 7. According to The Hollywood Reporter The first in this quartet of actors, is Tom Payne, who first appeared in Season 6: Episode 10, as Jesus, a member of The Hilltop Colony, who initiates an alliance between his people and the survivors. He is due to return to return in Season 7, and becomes instrumental in the rebellion against Negan. Austin Amelio, who plays Dwight, is the second on our list of steady, recurring characters on the show. Dwight scarred us for life when he shot Denise in the eye with Daryl's crossbow, after encountering Daryl a few episodes earlier. Dwight tried to flee from Negan, only to be brought back and have half of this face severly burned as a punishment. We suspect that he use Daryl as his torture plaything come Season 7.

The Walking Dead Season 7 will also introduce two non-comic book characters, however all four of the actors who have been promoted to series regulars, play characters who were first introduced in Robert Kirkman's original comic book series. The third name on this list is Xander Berkeley as Gregory, who we first met in Season 6 as the troubling leader of The Hilltop Colony, who is rumoured to clash heavily with Maggie sooner than we'd like (that is, if she survives Negan's attack). Finally, we come to the worst of them all, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan who, after a huge build up, we finally met in the Season 6 finale. He is the leader of the Saviors, and will come to control all of the supplies brought forward by the survivors. However, that is not until he kills one of them with his trusted weapon, Lucille. We are expecting a confirmation of who has been been given the role of the leader of The Kingdom, Ezekiel (not to mention his pet tiger, Shiva), and his right-hand man Richard. One thing that is sure, is that war is on the horizon for every character you both love and loathe on The Walking Dead. Are do you feel about this quartet returning to the show for the long run?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter