UnREAL Season 2: Episode 5 recap, Darius goes off book

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UnREAL Episode 5 sees Quinn at her finest/worst, we're not really sure how to describe her manipulation skills, but they are on another level! Check out our "Infiltration" recap below.

Last week's episode of UnREAL saw Rachel and Coleman gain the upper hand on Quinn, who tried to take down Darius to make Coleman look bad. Catch up with our UnREAL Season 2: Episode 4 recap if you missed out on the action. Episode 5 begins with Rachel riding to work with Coleman after spending the night together. Jeremy sees and gives Rachel a hard time about sleeping with the boss, as he compares her to Quinn. Yael (hot Rachel) then comes out of Jeremy's quarters laughing at a picture of Rachel that Jeremy repeatedly shot with a gun, only to come face-to-face with Rachel who is not pleased. Rachel takes the photo which Coleman sees later on and questions Rachel about it, discovering that Rachel and Jeremy used to have 'a thing'. Coleman then demotes Jeremy to send a message.

Coleman invites Rachel to go with him to the Impact Awards, which Rachel declares is Quinn's thing. However Coleman convinces Rachel to come and network with all the other big wigs in television who they can potentially work with in the future. Rachel especially enjoys rubbing in the fact that Coleman has the Impact Tickets instead of Quinn, after Quinn acts particularly bitchy towards Rachel. The Everlasting viewers have voted for two contestants, Yael and Dominique, to spend some one-on-one time with Darius, who will then choose one of the ladies to spend the night with.

Of course it's rigged and Quinn has set it up so that Darius picks Yael, but to put a wrench in Quinn's plan Rachel tells Dominque that Yael has been sleeping with a crew member. Dominique calls Yael out about this in front of Darius and the other women. Upon hearing this Darius refuses to choose Yael nor Dominique and instead goes off book and picks Ruby, to Quinn's great annoyance. Quinn breaks her own rules by watching Darius and Ruby's sleep over on cameras that she secretly had installed in the suitor's room. And as teased in the UnREAL Episode 5 trailer, if Quinn put cameras in the room it means she's up to something.

At the Impact Awards Coleman sees John Booth, the guy who just bought Everlasting's network. Coleman and Rachel go over to talk to him, and essentially sell themselves. John surprises them by saying that he's Everlasting's biggest fan and he wants to see Beth Ann (the White Supremacist) win. Quinn shows up and interrupts the conversation and it seems like John fancies her, referring to Quinn as the true creator of Everlasting and calling her a legend.

After receiving a phone call from Madison saying that "the eagle has landed," Quinn invites John back to the mansion to see the craziness first hand. Just as they arrive to the control room Madison brings in Ruby's father, who is shocked to see his daughter having sex on the screens all around the room. When Rachel and Coleman return they try to stop the cameramen from filming the incident. However Rachel gives in to Quinn's temptations knowing that it will make for great ratings and lets the cameras film Ruby's conversation with her father. When Ruby refuses to leave with her father, he declares that he is so ashamed of her.

It looks like John Booth is just as evil as Quinn is. Quinn orders Jay and Madison to wake all the ladies up, despite it being the middle of the night, for a surprise elimination ceremony and so that John can see some action. When Rachel confronts Quinn about what she did to Ruby, Quinn warns Rachel that Coleman is a user and advises her to be careful. Before the elimination Ruby tells Darius that her father wasn't wrong in saying Darius should do more with his fame to help their people, and Ruby offers to coach him in activism. At the ceremony Darius eliminates Dominique, but he also let's go of Ruby, since he knows he can't be the man Ruby wants him to be. After Coleman leaves to go home Jeremy confronts Rachel about him getting demoted. Jeremy is drunk and gets violent with Rachel, but Chet steps in to save the day and fires Jeremy. What did you think about this episode?

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