UnREAL Season 2: Episode 6 recap, Rachel goes off the Deep South end

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Rachel and Coleman take Darius to the Deep South to meet Beth Ann's (presumed to be racist) family, but things don't go according to plan. Find out what went down in UnREAL Episode 6 with our "Casualty" recap

The previous installment of UnREAL saw Darius go off book and decide for himself which contestant to spend the night with, only to eliminate her later on after realizing that he can't be the man Ruby wants him to be. Episode 6 picks up the morning after Rachel and Jeremy's altercation at the end of UnREAL Season 2: Episode 5. Chet finds Rachel still in the dress room and she declares that she's not going to be another silent woman, instead she's going to the police to report what Jeremy did to her. However Chet brings up the fact that if Rachel does this, Jeremy can turn around and reveal all the illegal things that have happened on the Everlasting set. Rachel knows that Chet is right so she covers her bruises with makeup, but not before taking pictures of them first as evidence.

Darius gets to choose one of the ladies to go on a home-town date with. He's leaning towards Chantal, but Rachel tells him he needs to pick Beth Ann to help with ratings. Darius is dead set against going to Alabama and "getting lynched," but Rachel freaks out at Darius in front of everyone telling him that the show will get cancelled and he will ruin his career if he doesn't "run her play." At this point Rachel is crying and everyone is staring, so Darius agrees to go to pick Beth Ann just to calm Rachel down. Rachel tries to dissuade Coleman from coming to Alabama, but he joins in anyway. Down in the Deep South Darius meets Beth Ann's family, but they are surprisingly super sweet and welcoming towards Darius.

Quinn's been gallivanting around with John Booth, but Chet calls her back to the set to tell her what happened with Rachel and Jeremy. Quinn calls Rachel to check up on her and genuinely seems worried for her, but Rachel doesn't want to talk to Quinn. Rachel is trying to figure out how to shake up the Alabama snooze-fest, when Beth Ann finds Rachel and confides that she's pregnant with her ex-boyfriend's baby. Rachel comforts Beth Ann, while secretly rejoicing about the dramatic goldmine that is Beth Ann's trashy ex, Brock, who lives just down the street. Rachel tells Coleman the good news that she's convinced Beth Ann to announce her pregnancy to her parents and Darius on camera that night. However Quinn then calls Coleman to ask about Rachel and fills him in on what happened between Rachel and Jeremy.

Coleman tries to talk to Rachel about the confrontation and says that he thinks she's taking things out on Beth Ann, but Rachel acts defensive and responds that she's just doing he job. Later on when Beth Ann is making the announcement, Rachel brings Brock in and gives him a ring to propose with. Beth Ann is shocked to see Brock and rejects his proposal, and likewise her family is not at all happy to see Brock and her dad points a gun at him demanding that he leave. Beth Ann declares that she doesn't know who the father of the baby is, insinuating that it could be Darius (despite never being intimate with him). She also proclaims that she loves Darius. Rachel is in such a good mood after watching the drama she caused and seems to get off on ruining people's lives.

At the elimination ceremony, Beth Ann admits that there's no way Darius could be the father of her baby, though she would love for him to choose her and raise her baby like his own. Darius still cuts Beth Ann, but promises to put some money away in a college fund for the baby. Darius then yells at Rachel, saying that he's tired of all the manipulation going on in the house. Coleman also has some words for Quinn and Chet for not calling the police after Jeremy assaulted Rachel. But when Coleman asks Rachel what she wants to do, she says that she doesn't want to call the police.

When the two are alone Coleman promises Rachel that he is not her Chet and he's taking her with him when he leaves Everlasting. Meanwhile Quinn and Chet decide that they need to get rid of Coleman, so Quinn gives Adam a call. The episode ends with Adam arriving at the Everlasting mansion. We've been waiting for the moment that Adam returns in Season 2 and "throws a wrench into things" and now it's finally here! How do you think Rachel will react to seeing Adam again?

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