UnREAL Season 2: Episode 6 trailer, Rachel is a ticking time bomb

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Rachel has never been the most stable person, but it looks like UnREAL Episode 6 will see her take a turn for the worse following her altercation with Jeremy. Check out the "Casualty" trailer below

Episode 5 of UnREAL saw Darius take his Everlasting fate into his own hands as he chose to spend the night with Ruby. Quinn manipulated the situation to end up with Ruby's dad on set and barging in on his daughter having sex with Darius. Despite deciding to stay on the show instead of leaving with her father, Darius eliminated Ruby claiming that he'll never be the man she wants him to be. Meanwhile as teased in the UnREAL Episode 5 trailer, Quinn goes head to head with Rachel and Coleman, and makes special friends with John Booth, the man who just bought Everlasting's network. "Infiltration" then took a dark turn and ended with Jeremy drunkenly attacking Rachel. The Episode 6 trailer picks up where UnREAL Season 2: Episode 5 left off. Rachel tells Chet that she's going to report Jeremy's assault to the police. However Chet responds that "Jeremy knows where all the bodies are buried. This has to stay in the family." Meaning that if Rachel presses charges against Jeremy he will unveil all of the bad, immoral and illegal things that have happened on the Everlasting set.

We then see Quinn saying to Rachel that she has been through a trauma and is in no condition to produce a show. But Rachel being the determined woman that she is, isn't going to let anyone keep her out of the action. Quinn is on the phone, seemingly speaking to Coleman, as she says: "She is a time-bomb. I need you to get her home now." We're going to go ahead and assume that Quinn is speaking about Rachel, instead of one of the Everlasting contestants because Quinn would want one of the ladies to explode on television for the drama and ratings. And even though Quinn has seemingly written Rachel off, we think that deep down inside her heart that's three sizes too small, a part of Quinn still cares about Rachel. In other news it looks like there will be some drama with White Supremacist contestant Beth Ann, as a man we've never seen before gets in an altercation of the Everlasting set, while Beth Ann stands nearby yelling at him to stop. Do you think that Quinn still cares about Rachel, and that Rachel may explode on the set of Everlasting.

Source: YouTube: @Television Promos