What were The Flash Season 2's best bits?

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The Flash Season 2 was full of great moments, and while we wait for more news to emerge about Season 3, it's time to go back in time and take a look at the best bits from this season! It goes without saying, but spoilers for The Flash Season 2 to follow!

1. The Reverse-Flash's origin story

The return of the Reverse-Flash was a surprise to many when he popped up in Season 2 of The Flash, but from the moment Matt Letscher graced our screens as the character we knew we were in for a treat. We loved Cavanagh as Thawne, but Letscher brings something entirely different to the role, and that rage and obsession manifests in a fantastic way in his confrontations with Barry. Grant Gustin and Matt Letscher really conveyed the history of the two characters when they shared a scene, and with Carlos Valdes teasing an adaptation of Flashpoint in The Flash Season 3, we're hoping that the Reverse-Flash makes a return.

2. Visit to Earth-2

Season 2 marked the first time we visited Earth-2, and boy was it a romp! From Joe West singing jazz in a bar to the evil metahuman versions of Caitlin and Cisco, Earth-2 had something for everyone, and it was a joy to behold. It even had a return for Robbie Amell as he reprised his role of Ronnie's doppelganger, the Earth-2 Deathstorm! Reverb was an interesting case study of what Cisco could be once he perfects his powers, and the scene where Barry tells his friends to abandon him and escape with Jesse is absolutely heartbreaking, even if he does get out moments later. Earth-2 also introduced us to the man in the iron mask, which brings us onto our next highlight...

3. The man in the iron mask

The man in the iron mask - who was he? That was the discussion that plagued forums of The Flash for episodes on end until the character's reveal in the season finale. And even if you'd clocked on and guessed that the man in the iron mask was Jay Garrick, most of us probably didn't expect him to be a doppelganger of Barry's father. The fact that Barry saw his father's doppelganger shortly after his own father's death made the moment even more gut-wrenching, and we're glad the writers decided to deal with the issue sensitively rather than just have Barry be happy-go-lucky that he gets to see his dad's face again.

4. The Zoom reveal (and just Teddy Sears generally)

Another reveal that really rocked the fandom was that of Zoom, who turned out to be none other than the man we thought to be Jay Garrick. Not only was this a great twist, it was one that didn't disregard the legacy of the comics, as it came to pass that Zoom's real name was actually Hunter Zolomon, and that he'd stolen the name Jay Garrick from the Earth-3 Flash. Zoom was terrifying both with and without the mask, and credit where credit's due to Tony Todd (the voice of Zoom) and Teddy Sears, who have created the Flashverse's best villain yet.

5. Wally's dynamic with Barry

Last, but not least, is Wally's dynamic with Barry. Considering how close Wally West and Barry Allen are in the comics, it would be easy for the two to quickly get along, but The CW took a different approach. Wally comes in as a moody and misunderstood teenager that really doesn't get on with Barry, but by the end of the season, he's matured tenfold and has made some serious leaps in character development in the space of ten episodes. His reaction to discovering that Barry was The Flash is refreshing; he understands that Barry is having a tough time and that he has his reasons for keeping his identity a secret, and it's a real air-punch moment when he decides not to take personally Barry's decision not to tell him. We're very happy about how Wally and Barry's relationship played out in The Flash Season 2 finale, and we can't wait to see how it grows next season. So those are our top five moments from The Flash Season 2, do you agree? What was your favorite moment from The Flash Season 2?

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