When Game of Thrones meets Donald Trump: 'Winter is Trumping'

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It's Monday, and we all need something to make us smile. This will probably do it: somebody has added Donald Trump's face to several Game of Thrones scenes, and it is glorious

The last few months have been so Donald Trump-heavy that it's amazing he hasn't infested our dreams quite yet. But the billionaire mogul hasn't just been the main focus of the 2016 American political campaigns (for good or for bad); he has also become one of the most memed and giffed faces on the planet! The latest Trump-centered parody comes all the way from Westeros, and you DO NOT want to miss it! In fact, this video made us laugh so much in the melty office that we were advised to step outside for a minute and take a breath. It comes with the wonderful tagline: "Winter is Trumping," and we've gotta admit, it's a pretty slick bit of editing. The title is in that dramatic Game of Thrones-style font, and Trump's face has been photoshopped onto some of our favorite Westeros citizens seamlessly. The first clip sees dear old Donald face up to the Khaleesi herself, Daenerys Targaryen. The Dothraki are looking for refuge in Qarth but (and you can probably guess where this one's going), Trumpy refuses them entry. We don't want to give away the jokes, so watch the full video below!

Unsurprisingly, the clip pounces on the use of a Wall in Game of Thrones. Trump's desire to build a wall between Mexico and the United States of America is well known, and the Wall in the North of Westeros is a pretty solid replica of what he wants to construct. Speaking as a servant of the Night's Watch, Trump denounces: "We have no border, we have no control, people are flooding across. We need to build a wall, and it has to be built quickly! The greatest builder is me, and I would build the greatest wall you have ever seen. And in that wall we're gonna have a beautiful, big, fat door, where people could come into the country, but they would have to come in legally." On top of that, there's also a wonderful exchange between Trump and Jon Snow (who, according to Natalie Dormer, may be resurrected this year!), and another excellent dialogue with a young Tyrion Lannister. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed taking a few minutes out of your day to watch this little parody; we certainly did! The focus is back on the real Thrones now - have you seen the latest 'Hall of Faces' promo? And did you enjoy seeing Donald Trump strolling through Westeros?

Source: HBO / YouTube: @Huw Parkinson