Will Suicide Squad see the Joker try to win back his one true love Harley Quinn?

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The Joker and Harley Quinn's love story is one of the best ever told, but could Suicide Squad see DC's most notorious villainous couple in a bit of a bad way? Will the Joker be trying to win back Harley's heart?

The Joker and Harley Quinn have become two of DC's most popular characters, and the two of them together seem to be a match made in heaven... or hell depending on which way you see things. However, the Joker has been prone to forgetting about his devoted girlfriend from time to time. He's not what you might call 'perfect boyfriend material'. But bad boyfriend or not, Harley loves him no matter what and usually forgives his tendency to be a bit self-centered at times. However, will the Joker go one step too far in Suicide Squad? Is he the reason why Harley's in Belle Reve Penitentiary in the first place? Did he do something so bad that not even Harley can forgive him? We're wondering whether Suicide Squad will see the Joker come up with a plan to win back Harley Quinn's heart.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Joker will come up with a "laser-like plan to reunite with his true love, Harley". We're not entirely sure what a "laser-like plan" is (will it involve actual lasers or will it simply cut through Task Force X's plans like a laser?), but we're pretty sure that he'll be up to no good. This tiny bit of info from EW's article on Suicide Squad got us wondering whether the Joker's motives will be somewhat romantic in nature. Taking into account what we know about the villain from the comics, he'll probably have some ulterior motive for wanting Harley back on his side. Maybe she has important information which he doesn't want falling into Batman's hands? Perhaps their whole breakup was a ruse and she's actually acting as his 'inside lady'?

What we can piece together from the trailers is that the film will feature a flashback scene in which Batman chases the Joker and Harley Quinn in the newly pimped out Jokermobile. That car ends up going in the river and we can see Batman jump in after it. We've already heard, thanks to Batman News, that the Joker and Batman won't interact much during Suicide Squad. Ben Affleck's small cameo in the movie will mostly involve Harley Quinn and an emotional scene with Deadshot. But we do know that Batman is indeed chasing the Joker, and that he lands on his sweet purple ride. Could the Joker jump out of the car before letting it drive into the river without taking Harley with him? Could this be the reason Harley ends up in prison? We'll have to wait and see... What we are pretty sure about is that Harley won't be one of the members of Task Force X to die in Suicide Squad. Do you think that the Joker will be trying to win back Harley's heart?

Source: meltygroup / Entertainment Weekly / YouTube: @Warner Bros. Pictures