X-Men Apocalypse: Hugh Jackman's Wolverine originally had a much bigger part to play in the movie

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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine made a brief cameo in Bryan Singer's X-Men: Apocalypse, however, he was originally going to have a much bigger role in the movie!

Wolverine's been a vital part of the X-Men cinematic universe ever since Bryan Singer's first film back in 2000. He's been so important for the franchise that he already has two standalone movies (one OK, one terrible). Fans were worried that they wouldn't get to see him play the role again before the release of the the upcoming Wolverine 3. However, everybody's favorite mutant got a small, yet memorable, cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse.Bryan Singer has spoken about how he got Jackman to turn up in Apocalypse, but unfortunately it looks like the Aussie wants to hang up the claws after the third Wolverine movie. However, there have been reports suggesting that Wolverine was originally going to play a much bigger role in Apocalypse.

In an interview with CinemaBlend, Apocalypse's producer Simon Kinberg revealed that Hugh's Wolverine was going to have a much bigger role in the movie. "There was always a notion that we wanted Wolverine to be in the movie. We wanted to find a way to feature him in the film, partly because Bryan [Singer] and I love Hugh [Jackman] so much. We love the character, obviously, and he’s such a huge part of the franchise. There were a lot of iterations of how Wolverine would enter and exit the movie. There was a version when he was going to come in at the midpoint of the film and be like the drill sergeant for the kids and take over as their leader. And we felt like that stepped on Jen’s role in the movie and becoming their leader," said the producer.

Kinberg then detailed how he, Singer and the film's writers managed to incorporate Wolverine into Apocalypse's plot. SPOILER WARNING! "As we were, again, conceptually brainstorming the script, we knew that the kids were going to be abducted, or that a lot of our main characters were going to be abducted and taken somewhere. So we thought it would be interesting to take them to Alkali Lake, and that they would naturally, potentially… that the Weapon X program would be there, and maybe that was a place to find Wolverine," Kinberg explained. It's a shame that Hugh Jackman wasn't in more of the movie, but we were happy just to see him at all. For more on X-Men: Apocalypse, including our official review of Bryan Singer's last ever X-Men film, make sure to hit the green subscribe button below. Did you want to see more of Jackman's Wolverine in Apocalypse?

Source: CinemaBlend