X-Men Apocalypse: Michael Fassbender explains what would happen if Magneto and Superman teamed up

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X-Men: Apocalypse sees Magneto teaming up with the worst supervillain imaginable, but how would he feel about teaming up with a superhero?

Not many people thought that Michael Fassbender could hold a candle to Ian McKellen's Magneto, but he has since proved them wrong and now he's set his sights on teaming up with the ultimate superhero. Magneto is defined by his tumultuous past that led to his hatred towards humans, which is why it came as little surprise when we learned that he teams up with Oscar Isaac's Apocalypse in the upcoming X-Men film. However, during an interview with IGN, when asked about which superhero he would like to team up with, Fassbender chose someone much more kind-hearted. He revealed: "Well I suppose Superman because you can't lose, you know it's pretty boring, it's like you could just sit back and let him take care of everything and you just watch the show." Magneto is doing anything but sitting back and watching the show in X-Men: Apocalypse, and Fassbender has recently revealed some of the reasons why Magneto joins forces with Apocalypse.

Speaking about what qualities Magneto could bring to the partnership with Superman, Fassbender joked: "You know maybe if he wants to build a house I could come round and help as you saw at the end you know in this film I'm moving into the construction phases of things I'm building things as opposed to tearing things down." Was that a spoiler he just dropped? Either way, we definitely agree that Magneto would be handy in testing if something is architecturally sound. Whether or not this epic idea of Magneto and Superman comes into being, we can't wait to see Magneto work with Apocalypse against Professor X and the rest of humanity. After the epic movie has reached its end, writer and producer Simon Kinberg has teased a Wolverine-related post credits scene. For all the latest news and updates on X-Men: Apocalypse, click the green subscribe button below. How would you feel about a Magneto and Superman spin-off movie?

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